I wish I were an IT-genius…

I can do all the basics on a computer.  I’ve got Word down to a pat and can operate a gmail-inbox like a semi-pro, but, in this technological age, I’m starting to realise that’s not enough.  And it’s making me feel inferior, like a sub-par chihuahua playing with the big dogs.  Haha!

So, I started a blog (which took me all of two days to figure out), but now I still have several technical glitches to fix before my perfectionistic neurosis will allow me to let anyone see what I’ve created.  Go figure.  I went to all that trouble (o.k, and I had fun in the mean time, too) and now no one can see it because it’s not THE BEST BLOG IN THE WORLD! Sometimes, I could slap myself 😉

Is it a female thing?  These unforgiving, unattainably high standards that we set for ourselves?  As if there’s a legion of judgemental angels walking around with clipboards, scoring our every thought and action with a reckless disregard for our (purely human) limitations.

I tend to be very hard on myself.  I’m my own worst critic and I use my pompoms so seldom,  I tend to forget to be my own cheerleader as well, every once in a while.  After all, just because I’ll never be the smartest/prettiest/thinnest/most patient/likable/techno-savvy person in the room, doesn’t mean I have nothing to contribute.

So, now I’m putting this out there, warts and all.  I hope you enjoy it anyway!  

(…Just avoid the tags for “About” and “Lingual” for now, at least until I’ve figured the little weasels out…)   🙂

Hello, world!

(Ok, well, Stellenbosch, at least!)


6 thoughts on “I wish I were an IT-genius…

  1. JT, you are officially a nerd! Welcome to the club! Don’t fight it, embrace it and enjoy it. Because one day, nerds will rule the world…Bill Gates said so himself…:)

  2. Wow, on so many levels I can relate to you frustrations. I also tend to be very hard on myself, everything must be absolutely perfect or it’s no good. If must be a female thing 🙂 I really enjoyed ready your thoughts. Keep it coming girlfriend!!

    • Biancs, jy’s gelukkig so ‘n fotografiese genius dat jy opmaak vir my tegnologiese gestremdheid in “sheer artistic brilliance” . Vandag se maanfoto was pragtig! Ek’t dit ook gesien en gewens ek kon dit vasvang 😉

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