It’s a little bit funny…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt a bit like a goldfish in a bowl – staring at the world from the inside out, not really taking part in it to any extent that anyone would notice. I blame a slump in productivity at work, combined with the traditional “I’m never getting out of this bed again” feeling I get every Winter (you can tell by my usually sunny disposition that I don’t like the cold, right?). Add to the mix a scrumptious layer of eating everything I see (especially when it’s covered in chocolate and/or icing) and a paralysing laziness, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a Procrastination Pie. Not pretty (but very tasty while you’re stuffing your face with it). Hah!

After having a stern talking to with myself – and my self getting over herself and listening at last – the past week or two has been much more productive and I’ve actually gotten a few things done. I haven’t blogged in a while, though, but I’ve figured out that I’m still subconsciously seeing writing as an indulgence and a luxury I can only reward myself with after having done actual work. Having felt like I wasn’t doing enough of that, I couldn’t spoil myself with some blogging time. It figures that I would make a simple pleasure something to get all serious about! I’m not always right in the head, I tell you…


In the light of my happy return to the blogosphere, and because it’s been a long week (already!), and because we can all do with a bit of cheese on a gloomy Winter’s day, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the things that make me giggle. A few of my previous posts were a bit on the negative side, so to balance it out, here’s a completely corny, ultimately awesome collection of hilariousness!

Silly things that make me giddy:

β€’ Nerdy jokes

Being the absolute word nerd that I am (I have the glasses and everything!), I sometimes find things hilarious that my too-cool-for-nerd-school husband thinks are dumb/cheesy/embarrassingly academic. And he’s a comedian, so he should know… But my sense of humour developed on choir buses and library benches, while his grew up on rugby fields and those spots only the cool kids could hang out at on the playground, so there’s a bit of a discrepancy.

And that’s why I can really relate to this picture:

Peanuts gets me.

So lame, it’s laughable:

β€’ Punny wordplays

I have a few friends who can literally have whole conversations only in puns. I’m not completely there, but I love a funny play on words. If it has a nerdy twist, I love it even more!


He’s not called Bad Joke Eel for nothing… πŸ˜‰

Would’ya like some cheese with that?


And a corny lil’ rumble in the jungle:

β€’ Flash mobs!

This is still right up there on my Bucket List. I drool about walking into an airport one day, just to be surrounded by air hostesses, pilots and random travellers suddenly erupting into a perfectly choreographed song-and-dance routine! And a girl can dream, right? It’s corny, always slightly awkward, and in the beginning I definitely cringe a bit, but a good one makes me giggle/sniff every time. I love the sincere and honest expressions of shock and joy as the crowd starts to realise what’s going on. For a few minutes, no one thinks about the issues they were carrying around with them – time stands still until the music stops.

Maybe it’s because I love surprises? It definitely kicks you out of your comfort zone πŸ˜‰

This one really makes me teary every time!

β€’ Cringe-worthy auditions

There are few things that can glue me to a TV set like bad, sad singing auditions. I can stare at those ridiculous people for hours with my tongue hanging out… Somewhere, someone told them that they could sing. That someone was usually lying like crazy!

These poor, ridiculously talentless people… πŸ™‚

β€’ Engrish

When people accidentally mesh languages and meanings to create a completely different picture than the one they planned, I giggle. I know I would be a hundred times worse if I tried to communicate properly in any Asian language, but I can’t deny that Engrish amuses me immensely!

Here are a few examples:

Don’t mistake the mistakes πŸ™‚


That makes perfect sense!

And finally, an oldie but a goody:



What makes you giggle and snort your coffee? Share some laughs in the comments!


2 thoughts on “It’s a little bit funny…

  1. Hello Girla, geniet dit altyd om jou blog te lees. . . I am a little bit amazed however, dat daar soveel dinge is waar ons dieselfde is. . . jy is nie my kind nie is jy??? Jy weet ek is bietjie gekonfoes die laaste tyd. . hehehe. . . . .xxx

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