This Oupa is Cruy-cruy! (That sounds weird, right?)

Since television began in South Africa, this man’s (possibly cryogenically frozen) face has been the most familiar one of all.  He’s been reading the news in Afrikaans since ’75, and still looks exactly the same as that first day!

He has a great sense of humour too and has been used often in pop culture campaigns recently. Also, as an added bonus, he might just be an (grammatically correct) alien posing as the world’s coolest grandpa to infiltrate earth one broadcast at a time.  That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me, anyway.

Forget Chuck Norris jokes: my new idol is Cruy-Cruy!

I thought I’d quickly share a few of these funny videos in a new series the Grandaddy of Cool stars in on Being Awesome.

[Especially for my expat readers!  Doesn’t he just make you miss the Haas Das days?]

Enjoy! And have a happy week! 😉

Want to see more?  You can watch the whole series on his youtube channel… 😉


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