I giggled. I snorted. It wasn’t pretty… ;)

If ever there was a way to get into my brain and see what makes me tick, it’s this. Engrish! I might do a full post on it some time, but I’m too hysterical to type properly…



(With thanks to Jaco Botha for putting this where I could get my hands on it) Hahahaaaa! 😀


UPDATE:  Since posting this, I have been gifted with another “little” gem of the same talented kid.  Shame, I’m actually worried for the boy – that’s definitely not healthy – but diets aside, he is obviously special!  Just when I thought I was over the giggles…

Here we go again!   😀

Now that’s what I call a split! And some good quality pants.

It’s Friday, everyone!  Have some giggles on me!

(And thanks for the photo, Bestie!)


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